Preparing for scrum master interview when I am a fresher.

Last post 05:43 pm May 28, 2021
by Scott Anthony Keatinge
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08:54 am May 20, 2021

I was working in IT for about 6 years as a manual tester, after taking a break I have now started again by starting with scrum master certification PSM1 and completed it successfully. I have worked in projects following agile methodologies, but don't have any experience as a scrum master. How do you think should I be prepared to crack scrum master interviews? Please pour in your suggestions. It would really help me a lot. Thanks in advance

04:37 am May 22, 2021

Are you confident about reaching interview stage in the first place? Do you know what made your CV or resume interesting to the interviewers?

09:05 am May 25, 2021

Not there yet. I am preparing with some mock interviews by Scrum masters in my connections also updating my CV to start applying for offers.

05:43 pm May 28, 2021

Check out the 47-Scrum-Master-Interview-Questions article from Age of Product dot com.