Compliance Enabler Question SaFE

Last post 09:18 am May 24, 2021
by Thomas Owens
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11:52 pm May 23, 2021

I believe Segregation of Duties which is a regulatory requirement is a good example of Enabler Epic.

Just wanted some thoughts from others who have more experience with using SaFE.

05:16 am May 24, 2021

If it's a regulatory requirement, does it constitute negotiable scope at all? In Scrum compliance may be necessary for work to be Done.

09:18 am May 24, 2021

In SAFe, all of the different backlogs are places to store and order different levels of work. The work represented in them is work needed to modify one or more products (but may be at the portfolio or solution level, in addition to the product level). Segregation of Duties isn't a product requirement, but a product requirement, so it doesn't have a place in any of the backlogs. Instead, process requirements like Segregation of Duties should inform how the teams are organized and work.