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Last post 03:17 pm May 26, 2021
by Scott Anthony Keatinge
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05:55 pm May 25, 2021

I now have 2 years of project experience. During this time I was SM for 6 months and now PO of two teams for 18 months. 

I have my PSPO, PSM, PO/PM (SAFe) and SAFe Agilist 4.6. I was just moved to the Product Division after being in Dev. 

Not sure where to go? More Client-Focused? Go learn a coding language and become a dev? BA? 

The company I work for is massive and lots of directions but not sure I really know what I want. 

Thoughts? Thanks!

06:28 pm May 25, 2021

What are you most passionate about? Do you enjoy client focused roles? Do you want to switch "sides" and become a dev? It's all about what YOU enjoy the doing the most. Based on that answer, we can provide you with more meaningful recommendations.

07:18 pm May 25, 2021

Why not go to where the organizational impediments are? Presumably you have witnessed a number of systemic barriers and constraints which inhibit the application of Scrum.

01:45 pm May 26, 2021

I like it all tbh. Development is fascinating and challenging but do I go back to school for that? Do I get a certification? Go to boot camp? Also what path do I take? Cloud, front-end, db, .NET, Java, etc. 

I like client-facing roles but will that be a headache? More travel, more on-call responsibilities? 

The impediment-solving aspect is interesting and I feel I could be an asset but how do I become a subject-matter expert? My hesitancy is I only have a couple years of experience and don't have a technical background. Do I just take a couple more years to up my project experience and see where life takes me? 

This is probably a conversation for a "mentor" but I figured I'd throw the question in the Scrum.org universe and see what comes back. 

03:17 pm May 26, 2021

You have been a PO for 18 months, which means that you have been in a client facing roll for at least 18 months.  I say at least, because an SM can also interact with stakeholders.