Tell me about yourself, Walk me through your career path,

Last post 05:26 pm May 27, 2021
by Ian Mitchell
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12:46 pm May 27, 2021

Hi there!! In most interviews today the interviewer usually start up with the question "tell me about yourself " or "Can you please walk me through your career path"? 

I have had so many debates as to how to present oneself if the above questions were asked, but I have not actually had a convincing answer to the above.  Different schools of thought coming up with different narratives,

Some say, when you are asked to tell me about yourself, start from maybe childhood activities that have helped you to succeed in your present role, e.g I have been a people's person, Naturally I flow with anyone around me etc, I am a good organizer and so that is helped me a lot etc, Others say you just have to start from your 2 jobs behind to present job, tell the interviewer, your experiences, achievements and problems then clearly show how you transitioned into the Scrum Master Role, then present a beautiful picture of your duty role, experience, achievements and future prospects in the current role and finally say why you are living your current company and why you want to join the XXX company. 

My questions are: Are these two questions there same ie. needing same answer or they are different, What time frame should an individual need to answer this question?

I will appreciate if anyone here can give a brief example of how a tell me about yourself for a scrum master will look like. Thanks for your input.




05:26 pm May 27, 2021

I can tell you how I would genuinely answer the question these days, although I would not pretend it is a good strategy for landing a job:

"Let me make a suggestion. Tell me more about the challenge you are facing, and why you are looking to hire a Scrum Master. Then I will tell you what I know, based on my experiences, and you will find more out about me, and what you can expect from me, very quickly."