JQL for displaying issues from multiple projects on single scrum board

Last post 07:05 pm June 1, 2021
by Daniel Wilhite
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07:06 am May 28, 2021


We have two projects in Jira - A and B

Project A depends on project B. For now, I have separate Jira scrum boards for these projects but I need to display some of the tasks from project A on the scrum board from project B.
What JQL do I need to use to achieve this? Is it required any additional configuration of the board required?

07:10 am May 28, 2021

"to display some of the tasks from project A"  -  let's say i would like to display tasks visible on  project A from username X.

05:37 pm May 28, 2021

Do both projects relate to the same product, due to one depending on the other? 

06:24 am May 29, 2021

One of these projects - B produces software which will be used by A. I also wonder how to keep my items in Jira clean

04:17 pm June 1, 2021

I have found solution fo this:

to display some of the tasks from project A on a Jira board from Project B i edited Filter Query:

(project = X AND "Epic Link" = X) or ( project = A and assignee = <person_whos_task_to_display) ORDER BY Rank ASC

07:05 pm June 1, 2021

A very simple way is to use a Label. Have a label that can be used by all Jira Projects.  Then include that label in your Jira Board query.  This makes it easier to maintain rather than having to update the query every time a new individual is added to your assignee list. It also sets a standard for your entire organization on how to share information across boards. 

We use this whenever we are doing work for other teams, especially when it is something related.  

Project = X or labels in ("label 1, "label 2") ....