Exercise suggestion/feedback for Scrum course in my company

Last post 01:44 pm June 6, 2021
by George Wilson
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12:54 pm May 31, 2021

Hello everyone, hope you are well and safe. 


I am helping to conduct an internal course about agility (scrum, kanban, XP, devops) for directors and c-level executives. 
In the Scrum topic I would like to do an exercise with the audience so there is more interaction. 

The exercise I was thinking to do is as follows:
- The audience will be divided into scrum teams and will revisit a retrospective event, using the speed boat exercise. A description of the Sprint will be provided to everyone. 

Do you think this is a good exercise, or would you recommend any different one?

Thank you in advance!!!



02:54 pm May 31, 2021

Depends on how the Sprint is described. Directors may tend to focus on the outcome of the sprint, instead of the interactions, processes and tools...


05:51 pm May 31, 2021

What are the key takeaways you want senior leadership to learn? I favor Done, MVP, and Urgency, wargaming a pandemic exercise in which ventilators and/or patient monitoring devices are built in Sprint timescales. It's topical and non-spurious, having been done for real last year.

09:09 am June 6, 2021

> I favor Done, MVP, and Urgency

The same. Totally agree