Request to Participate in an Online Survey for my Master's Thesis.

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by Gaurav Garttan
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06:33 am June 10, 2021

Hello Scrum Community,


My name is Gaurav Garttan and I am a master's student at the University of Magdeburg, Germany. As part of my research for my master's thesis, I am conducting an online survey. I am investigating the efficiency of project management methods in complex IT projects. I would be grateful if you could support me in achieving my research goals by participating in the survey and completing a short questionnaire.


This is the link to the Survey-


Hybrid-Project-Management -



I would like to highlight some of the important points-

The estimated time required to complete this questionnaire is 5 minutes. Your responses will be kept strictly confidential and used only for the purpose of the research. Results will be reported in a manner that does not identify any individual, team, or organization. The survey will not ask for any personal information such as your name or the name of your organization.


I would really appreciate your participation. Your responses are very valuable to my research.


I wish you all a very nice day! :)


Best regards,

Gaurav Garttan

09:36 am June 14, 2021

I would also like to request to please submit your feedback. May we have a discussion over this topic on this forum and after my research is finished then I can share my results in this same thread.