How to keep in sync 5 different Agile teams?

Last post 07:35 am June 10, 2021
by Ian Mitchell
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07:19 am June 10, 2021

I should start an integration project involving 5 different and already established software platforms.

Each project has its own sprint length and all sprints start on different days, I can't change that.

I will start a new "integration project" with its own user stories, but each of the sub-projects will have also stories related to integration.

I'm not sure how to solve things like communication between teams and releases...

Daily standup is done in each team, but I think I would need a not-so-frequent "integration standup" to keep things flowing.

Any idea welcome


07:32 am June 10, 2021

I would recommend to look at how nexus works and try to implement it. 

and why can't you change the sprint lengths?

07:35 am June 10, 2021

Where many teams work on the same product, they share a collective responsibility to integrate their work. If they are properly self-managing and self-organizing they may well decide to observe a common Sprint, and Sprint Goal, so complexity is reduced and transparency improved. Representatives from each team may also hold a Daily Scrum so integration can be better managed: