Who orders the Spike? does the development team have to ask for permission from the Scrum Master?

Last post 08:43 pm June 17, 2021
by Ramon David Talavera
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03:20 pm June 17, 2021

Good afternoon,

Regarding spikes, I would like to know:

Who orders the Spike?


Does the development team have to ask for permission from the Scrum Master before attempting the spike?


Thanks in advance.

04:16 pm June 17, 2021

What do you understand a spike to be? Is it an activity needed to help better understand and further refine the Product Backlog, for example?

04:19 pm June 17, 2021

It depends on the goal of the spike in my opinion. 

if the goal is to find out something to be able to refine a PBI or justify a PBI its the product owner

If its is at the beginning of a sprint to find the best way to be able to meet the sprint Goal it is the developers. 

In my opinion it is never the scrum master how orders it but it could be the scrum master how suggests it.

04:37 pm June 17, 2021

Thanks for your kind responses. By Spike I mean a time-boxed experiment to gain information about a risk. Due to its nature (risk) if submitted like a user story to the product backlog it should be estimated and probably executed early as it is normally high-risk high-value.

04:53 pm June 17, 2021

Thank you very much Sven Lankreijer.