Adding non-functional requirement work, when the work is not funded by the business teams

Last post 11:33 am June 20, 2021
by Ryan Kent
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07:47 pm June 17, 2021

Hello All,

I have a situation where non-functional requirement work is ingested from different applications, but that work is not funded by the business teams. We are currently using Azure DevOps (ADO) and azure board for managing our work and also using the Jira Align for portfolio management work. We are using the business backlogs and System backlog (from where the development teams are pulling their work).But, they need funded work to pull into their backlogs. I have a situation where we need to find how to organize this work (from intake and process stand point), when applications are updating their security and making changes (mostly non-functional) but are not funded by the business area. I want some guidance on how we can handle this kind of situation in agile and how others are organizing their work in that regard. 



09:08 pm June 17, 2021

How many products are there? For each you need a clear Product Backlog, and a Product Owner who is accountable for managing that backlog and for optimizing value.

05:34 pm June 18, 2021

There could be "n" numbers of backlog. The issue is where to create those backlogs, when the work is not funded by the business teams. any suggestion?

11:33 am June 20, 2021

This division between System and Business backlogs is tripping me up. Given this is a Scrum forum, I will frame this from a Scrum perspective. Funding aside, if there is a Product, the backlog ought to be associated to the Product. Functional, non-functional…all contribute to the Product and the total cost of ownership for the Product and support of that Product. 

Outside of Product development or Scrum, there may be a number of ways to answer from an Agile perspective though this is likely larger than a forum discussion.