The road to PSM 3 via Scrum

Last post 08:01 pm July 16, 2021
by Stephen Sykes
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06:27 pm July 2, 2021

Hi everyone. I have a goal to achieve the PSM 3 this year.  (Product Goal)

I would love for you all to be part of my journey, and hopefully act as my stakeholders/ feedback group to give me feedback so I can adapt to meet my Product Goal

To do so I would like to use Scrum /Agile Practices as a method of achieving my Product Goal.

As of today I have started my first 2 week Sprint.

I have created a Product Backlog (small now, but it will grow) and have given myself a Sprint Goal for my first Sprint. "Understanding Empiricism"

During my Sprint, hopefully I can lean on some of you to give me feedback to test my understanding. At the end of the Sprint I will present my findings to you all, and hopefully collectively we can inspect the outcome of my Sprint and decide the next steps, and make adaptations to the Product Backlog as necessary.

Here is a link to my personal trello board showing my Product Backlog:…

(mods if this is not allowed I will happily remove it)

I will use this thread, and this thread only so I don't clutter up the forums. I look forward to working towards my Product Goal with you all!



08:34 pm July 2, 2021

So first reflection. I was so quick to create a Product Backlog. I didnt create a definition of done.


Scrum begins with done and I failed at the start. Well lesson learned that will be the next priority.


Anyway some more reflections.  I just reread the Scrum Guide. I plan to do this at every new Sprint and in between of course.


I dont know if its just me, but I find the 202 Scrum Guide not only more compact, but when higlighting important concepts or pieces of information I didnt have much white space.






11:42 am July 4, 2021
02:10 pm July 4, 2021

Hi Pawet. 


It's a good article. Thanks for the tip.

03:39 pm July 4, 2021

I recommend Valentin Despa, the author of this article as well. You can find him on LinkedIn.

Valentin made a great Udemy courses on PSM I and PSPO I, but I used them also on my way to PSM II and PSPO II. 

07:00 pm July 4, 2021

@Pawel I will check him out more. I'm going to go through the Scrum Master learning path first though.


Will keep you posted! 


Thanks again!

09:13 pm July 6, 2021

PSM III is a great goal to validate your knowledge Stephen. Kudos for having the courage to pursue it.

There are many different tips and activities to consider for your preparation. Everyone approaches it differently. 

If you’d benefit from a chat about this, connect with me on LI and we can sort a time.

08:01 pm July 16, 2021

So first Sprint is over.


Unfortunately I did not achieve my Sprint Goal. 

"By the end of the Sprint I will have proven to myself that I have a solid understanding of Empiricism and how it relates to Scrum.

I will know I have achieved this Sprint Goal by answering questions successfully from my feedback group."


In a nutshell I was able to do all the reading, but didn't give myself enough time for answering the questions. (That and I was sick for a few days which didnt help)


So inspect and adapt.


Inspection: Need to give myself more time on each of the topics

Adaptation: Next Sprint focussed on "stop starting, start finishing" and using the Sprint dedicated on answering questions on Empiricism

Future Sprints need to account that being a Full Time Scrum Master, studying for an MBA and studying for PSM 3 at the same time, my estimations on what can be done in a Sprint need to be a bit more conservative. 


Positive takeaways though!


Lots of good learning and reinforcing through the multiple texts I have been reading


I look forward to seeing your responses to my questions answers in the forum!