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4+ Years of Scrum Master Experience - Next Steps

Last post 03:42 pm July 27, 2021 by Daniel Wilhite
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12:15 am July 25, 2021

Hi, I have worked across 3 different organizations and have 4+ years of Scrum Master experience.

Questions - (1) Which books will you recommend to me for me to take myself and my  team to the next level of productivity ?

(2) Which questions should I ask during the grooming or daily standup (questions, which go beyond basics) ?


( Please note that I am asking about going beyond basics and being able to drive to the NEXT level of productivity. )

12:49 am July 27, 2021

I'm not sure that it's possible to recommend books, or any other resource, without knowing what you are struggling with and what you've already learned and read. My experience also tells me that reading what others have to say may be a good way to get exposure to foundational concepts or learn something new, but working through problems together is the best way to bring the team "to the next level of productivity". You won't find a silver bullet in a book. If you're struggling to understand something or need to increase your breadth of knowledge, then you may find a starting point.

I am struggling to understand why a Scrum Master of 4+ years would be asking about "grooming" (this term hasn't been used in the Scrum Guide since 2011) or what questions to ask in "daily standup" (the term has always been Daily Scrum). Beyond the terminology, the Scrum Master shouldn't be one to frequently ask questions during these events, although it may be necessary to help facilitate from time to time. Refinement tends to be a discussion between the Developers and the Product Owner to understand the work in the Product Backlog and to make sure it's ready for the team to work on, while the Daily Scrum is a planning session for the Developers. There's no need for the Scrum Master to actively participate in either event, and active participation could be harming the team's ability to self-organize and self-manage.

02:39 am July 27, 2021

Please note that I am asking about going beyond basics

Are you sure that the basics have been mastered? It sounds as though there may be an opportunity to rethink and get them right first.

03:42 pm July 27, 2021

I'm going to suggest that you attempt the PSM I certification.  Since you have 4+ years it should be easy. But I also picked up on what @Thomas Owens and @Ian Mitchell stated.  It seems like the Scrum you have practiced may not the actual Scrum framework.  Getting the certification and possibly the PSM II would help you to elevate yourself which in turn would allow you to help elevate the team. 


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