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Track a task on multi team during each sprint

Last post 08:16 pm August 9, 2021 by Daniel Wilhite
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09:56 pm August 5, 2021

do you have experience or insight into tracking a task on multiple scrum teams during each sprint. during a sprint, 4 different teams work on each tasks.

Ex: When a task starts

Develop team status: Todo, In Progress, For Merging. when they finish coding, they move the task to "For Merging" status then tasks should assign to the DevOps team.

DevOps Team status: They merge the task and if merging was successful so they move the task to "For Testing" status, then tasks should assign to the QA team.

QA Team status: They test the task and if testing was successful so they move the task to "Passed Testing" status. 

Passed Testing means "done"

So as you can see, a task is assigned to 3 different people during each sprint. how can I track the progress of each person because as you can see assignments will change?

Now we have only a DevOps developer and a tester so I want to change the whole process for each sprint, so how can these 3 teams work in parallel?

04:24 pm August 6, 2021

Why does a single piece of work need to involve 3 teams in a single Sprint?

Generally, the common advice (and something that is in the Scrum Guide) is to build a cross-functional team that can complete all of the activities necessary to finish work and have this team act as a single unit without sub-teams or hierarchies. In reality, there may be things that need to be done outside of the team, but I've found better luck moving a complete Increment outside of the team. The Increment may be a single Product Backlog Item or you may wait to release the Increment until after enough work has been done to make the next step worth its cost.

I'd look at your real workflow and understand how you can improve the work, applying the lean concept of reducing waste (where both waiting and handoffs are waste) and how the agile concepts of cross-functional teams can help this. It may take some time to get there, but what can you do to take steps in this direction?

05:37 pm August 6, 2021

how can these 3 teams work in parallel?

Do the teams have a Definition of Done for the product? How would they choose to self-organize, so an integrated and Done increment is provided every Sprint?

12:39 pm August 9, 2021

this is typical problem when moving from waterfall to agile.

when a task starts or user story starts???

I would strongly recommend your team to go for CI/CD tool using a centralised version control with proper branching mechanism such that code is integrated when pull request  is raised. this way you can eliminate the work of devops and get directly deployed to testing. if you must insist of having a separate team, then like thomas owens suggest, can you add them to your team?

can you break the user story further such that coding , integration, QA can be done in the same sprint?



08:16 pm August 9, 2021

This sounds very much like waterfall project management being done in time boxes.  Other than mentioning the word "sprint" nothing remotely sounds like Scrum. I'm going to agree with @Thomas Owens' advice.  

If you had Developers, Dev Ops, QA all on the same team this would not be a question at all.  But by maintaining teams by speciality there will always be wait times, conflicting priorities and possible rework by any of the teams.  Creating teams of mixed specialities helps to mitigate those situations.  However, when you combine disciplines into single teams, the individuals have to realize that they may not be able to do only their speciality as there may not be work for that speciality at all times.  Cross specialized teams have to be willing to do whatever is needed at the time to get the work done.  That might mean that a Developer or Dev Ops will have to test or a QA will have to update some code. 

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