Business Agility - Where to start

Last post 02:12 am August 24, 2021
by Ian Mitchell
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04:25 am August 23, 2021

My company leadership have started talking about buzz word 'Business Agility' and i keep hearing them in various forums now. We are kind of traditional organisation and I have started creating awareness about Scrum, etc. 

If asked on how to create business agility, my thoughts are:

Recommend them to start somewhere where there is a problem to be solved

Convince them - Based on empirical evidence, Scrum has helped organizations generate value through adaptive solutions for complex problems

Explain her the role of leadership on this journey



Am i missing out any key points?


02:12 am August 24, 2021

Sponsorship. If agile outcomes are to be achieved, executives must create a sense of urgency for organizational gravity to be overcome. Is leadership prepared to make change the company's priority, so it anchors everyone's working day, including their own?

Ask them what they think "organizational gravity" means, where it lies, and what they are prepared to do to escape it.