Accredited training institute?

Last post 12:12 pm August 28, 2021
by Eric Naiburg
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06:21 pm August 27, 2021

I'm looking for some some scrum training possibilities and found some training institutes that call themselves 'accredited training institute'

Are they any better and what have the got to do or provide to get the title 'accredited training institute'? Is their quality checked? Do they have better trainers? Do they have to pass an assessment process?



03:09 am August 28, 2021

Hello Philipp,


There is no such thing as an accredited training institute.  We have partners in our Professional Training Network all found here: and only licensed Professional Scrum Trainers can teach classes whether for one of our PTN members, on their own or for another organization.  

All training is consistent around the globe and all PSTs go through extensive validation, training and experience before being allowed to teach and all teach consistent set of materials.  You can learn more about what makes different here: and find all PSTs here:

If you find a class not taught by a PST then it isn't a class and please contact to let us know that someone is fraudulently posing as such.

Thank you,

09:10 am August 28, 2021

Thanks a lot Eric! That's interesting!

So the Companies in the Professional Training Network (about 200 as I see) are also the ones, that could recommend, yes?

What do the companies have to provide and assure to become a part of the Professional Training Network? Whats better about them?




12:11 pm August 28, 2021

These companies abide by a set of standards, values and set of criteria in support of their students and are working directly with Professional Scrum Trainers to deliver the courses. PSTs are either on staff or contract and that is something that we verify to ensure you are really getting training.

That said, all Professional Scrum Trainers are equally qualified and trained, so always make sure that you are being trained by a PST.