New to agile

Last post 05:03 pm September 1, 2021
by Scott Anthony Keatinge
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11:14 am September 1, 2021

Hello Everyone. 

As the title suggest I'm new to Agile world so therefore Scrum. I just finished a 100h course about Agiles methods and I enjoyed greatly. And wanted to know which steps should I take next to make my case interesting to the companies.

Right now I'm unemployed and eaging to do a slight change of career. Because I have a degree in business, been working with IT for sometime (as support analist, then helping the PM managing the team and so), and I think Agile can fit really well with my background, besides being the most growing working field in the world right now.

Summarily, I have no experience in Agile methods and I'm looking forward to get a certification ASAP.


Thank everyong in advance.

05:03 pm September 1, 2021

If you wish to learn about the scrum framework, i recommend running through this sites scrum master learning path.