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A Career in Scrum for a Recruiter?

Last post 05:57 am September 3, 2021 by Phan Gia Huy
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05:57 am September 3, 2021

Hi guys,

I'm a recruiter, or more poetically, a Talent Acquisition Business Partner (TABP) for a giant French mobile game publisher - if you've played Asphalt before. I take care of positions like 2D / 3D Artists, and UI / UX, or Graphic Designers. I can do a little 3D modeling with MagicaVoxel and animation with Mixamo, too.

I passed with PSM I assessment last week at 88,8% after 3 weeks of preparation. I couldn't be prouder of myself. The assessment was hard, and I did manage to learn a lot while studying for it. In order to make good use of the knowledge learned, I've applied a number of things, for example:


1. The Events

- The 15-minute timeboxed daily standups: Every day my fellow recruiters and I will meet at 9:15 AM in front of a physical Task Board to inform each other what we did yesterday, what we will do today, and if there's anything in our way. Each day, a recruit has to break down what he / she will do into 5 large tasks, from which 10 smaller ones are created. The Task Board has these columns:

+ Day (Monday, etc.)

+ Task

+ To do

+ Doing

+ Done

If any recruiter has a problem, my line manager (the TA Manager) will act as a Scrum Master and set up a meeting after the standup to solve the recruiter's problem.

I've used Trello (a Kanban Task Board) to update the progress of my team, and make a mini CRM out of it, too.

- The 30-minute timeboxed (hiring) planning meetings: After receiving a hiring request from the hiring manager / HR, a recruiter is to spend no longer than 30 minutes with their stakeholders finding out their actual needs, and getting beyond-the-request information. For junior positions, this meeting is timeboxed to 15 minutes, mid-seniors 20 minutes, seniors / managers 30 minutes.

- The 1-hour timeboxed weekly hiring reviews: Every week, on Wednesday morning at 10:00 AM, the clients (in this case the hiring managers), or their representatives (HRBP) will meet with the TA team to see the week's hiring progress. Each recruiter will act as a Product Owner and present their achievement this time (number of hires, who is testing, who is potential to hire, etc.).

- The 30-hour timeboxed weekly hiring retros: Every week, on Friday afternoon at 05:00 PM, the entire team meets to discuss what has been done well during the week and what has not. The team chooses at least 1 thing to improve the next week.


2. The Theories

- Transparency: We update the hiring manager every time we send out a test.

- Inspection & Adaptation:

+ Not all positions have an attractive title. If I put a vacancy online and in days there's no application, I'd suggest: Changing the name - Review the requirements - Enhancing the salary and benefits.

+ Not all tests are well timeboxed. For a new position, a hiring manager usually attempts to put too much into a test, which makes a candidate unable to finish their test on time. If I notice this, I'd suggest: Changing the timebox.


3. The Values

And I'll put up a board where it is most visible to my team, written with the 5 values of Scrum: Commitment, Courage, Focus, Openness, Respect - I call it CCFOR (or Six-Four). 


This is what I have been doing thanks to the knowledge from Scrum, but I've been stuck here and I don't know where I'm heading next to benefit the productivity of my team. I've got a dream to become an Agile coach, too. Could you kindly guide me on what career path I can have with this?

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