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Initiation phase

Last post 01:19 pm September 6, 2021 by Garry Taylor
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11:39 pm September 3, 2021

Hello everyone,


During the initiation phase we set our objective of this project , GENERAL CONTEXT and the product owner Develope the product Backlog .

Or after the initialtion phase we develop the  product backlog.


01:44 am September 4, 2021

Why have an initiation phase at all, given that it would put the establishment of empirical process control in delay?

12:16 pm September 4, 2021

I found that the first step is the Initiation phase 

Seven-phase Scrum

the approach adopted in projects:

• Initiation

• Product Backlog

• Sprint Planning

• Sprint Monitoring

• Product Increment

• Sprint Review

• Sprint Retrospective

is it wrong !!

06:50 pm September 4, 2021

Kimi and Rita - There are no initiation phases in Scrum, sometimes known as a Sprint 0, and no such thing as a 7 phased Scrum approach. That is if you wish to follow Scrum the way the co-creators, Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland, have described. I suggest you read the Scrum Guide for the official rules of the game. 

A Scrum Team should start Sprinting as soon as possible and without delay. A Product Backlog with enough work for a Sprint and a Definition of Done could be created in the first Sprint Planning session. 

All the best,




01:19 pm September 6, 2021

For any new project, be it an existing or new team, there is a stage of forming, storming and norming.

At this early stage a lot is happening with the team and focusing on pure scrum values can be too must to take in.

In the beginning simply ensure that you have a backlog of "business wants" that are broken down into manageable PBI that bring direct value (Can you show case them and evidence progress).

Ensure the team picks only what they can deliver within the Sprint. Then ensure the Scrum process is reviewed in a retrospective. Add one simple fix to a the biggest Scrum-But problem.

Give the team the freedom to implement scrum but ensure that "scrum-buts" are unacceptable in the business and MUST be weeded out.

Building a Product Backlog without the team only means you have to do this twice (or more). Once during the "initiation phase" and again when you're trying to explain the "initiation phase" to the development team. At the moment the team are only capable of doing a small number of BPI items so a backlog larger that 2-3 sprints is just waist and wishful thinking. 

 Keep it small, iterative and promote inspection and adaption. it really does work!

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