Measurement of Performance of Scrum Team

Last post 11:43 am September 16, 2021
by Balaji Dhamodaran
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02:16 pm September 12, 2021

you manage a product development organization and have several agile teams working on one product how can you find out which is performing the best?

04:36 pm September 12, 2021

Find out how effectively you are removing the organizational impediments they bring to your attention. Which teams are being left to struggle most?

06:26 pm September 12, 2021

Why would I care which team is performing "the best"? What does "the best" even mean?

02:07 pm September 13, 2021

Why have several agile teams working on one product?  That sounds like double work.  One team should be able to work on a single product if you have defined your products correctly and manage your backlog correctly?

That would be the problem I tried to solve instead of having teams compete.

11:43 am September 16, 2021

what is the reason to compare the teams ? 'Best' depends on what criteria you want to consider like More velocity ? more capacity(nobody takes off in the team) ?, less defects ? satisfactory feedback from the customer ? Nice taking people ?