Organizing a Network Team

Last post 08:12 pm September 14, 2021
by Bengy Francois
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03:28 pm September 14, 2021

So I just became a Scrum Master for a network team. The network team is dub-divided into 4 teams (Engineering, Operations, Internal Cabling and External Cabling). Each team is comprised of 3 - 7 members which is ideal for a scrum team size. As it stands these teams do both project and operational work and I' am at a lost as to how to truly organize the teams and track their project and operational work. Tracking the project work is easy in my opinion but the operational work which is ticket driven and is sporadically since they are new daily request from internal and external customers seems hard to track.

Any ideas or suggestions on how I should go about this?

06:30 pm September 14, 2021

Why do you wish to go about it at all? Why do you think that you -- a Scrum Master -- should organize teams and track their work?

I'd suggest it would be better to teach, coach, and mentor teams to become self-managing in both these and many other regards.

06:54 pm September 14, 2021

This is from the Scrum Guide

Scrum is a lightweight framework that helps people, teams and organizations generate value through adaptive solutions for complex problems.

Is all the work that these teams do for creating solutions for complex problems?  From what I know of Network Operations, not all of it is complex.  Scrum is not a work management tool. It is not a ticketing system. It is to help iteratively work on complex problems to arrive at a solution that solves the issue in a way that satisfies the stakeholders needs.  Much of the work for network operations can be repetitive and standard.  I feel like you are trying to force something into a framework for the sake of being able to say that you use the framework. 

07:32 pm September 14, 2021

I do not think that I should. As this team is very new to scrum and have been scattered we want to bring them together under one umbrella. Per say I will not be tracking their work or organizing the teams myself. The issue is getting these teams to work together as they have all done their own thing using different processes and systems even though they are suppose to be one team.