making development team REAL Agile

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by Ripple Man
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05:12 am September 16, 2021

Good morning my peers
I believe in Agile; so that I'm doing my best to keep all of project's documents short as much as I can.
my role is Business analyst, I make Business process diagrams and screens only, then I give them to the DEVELOPERS to start coding.
of course developers produce codes that apply OO and SOA.
BUT one of development team wants to work as design architecture that take Business process diagrams & Screens from me then produce design documents for the developers to start coding!!!
I think this will create some roles that MAY stay without work!, I believe that the developer can make almost every thing(every role) in development team
waiting to read your replies :)

05:45 am September 16, 2021

Is this documentation needed for work to be Done? Would its production help, perhaps by satisfying important standards? What do the other team members think about this?

06:02 am September 16, 2021

the documentation aims to make the system built under correct design by producing some diagrams that tell developers how built the system
BUT the developers will produce the same diagrams themselves in some papers then DROP those papers
THE PROBLEM is that my peer wants to deticate one developer to have ONLY ONE ROLE for creating those docuemnts
I see that each developer can do mutiple roles so that no developer may stay without work by waiting for some ducoments to arrive

OTHER TEAMS satisfy with me, and other staisfy with my peer

I'm doing my best to make documentation short As much as I can

07:05 am September 16, 2021

If there's a lack of consensus amongst team members about the best way to handle this, then that's the problem to solve.

Whether they decide it's best to:

  • have one person focus on documentation without task-switching, or
  • make full use of their valuable cross-skilled capabilities

really ought to be agreed by them as a self-organizing team.

My advice is to promote and facilitate consensus, and to put as much transparency as possible over the pros, cons, and likely implications of each option.

09:01 am September 16, 2021

Many thanks for your advice