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Scrum is not a methodology

Last post 08:01 pm October 8, 2021 by Dimitrios Metoglou
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08:28 am October 8, 2021

Hello to the nice community, i am reading your helpful posts for weeks now and thought it's time to post my 1st topic :)

I am preparing for my Scrum certification and already sent out 70+ Resumes to companies for a position (well...role) as Scrum Master.

The response is great .. already did 10+ interviews and more invitations are coming in every day.

And then, you know how it works .. the interview questions you should answer as accurate as possible.

The two most popular among CTO's etc seem to be:

a) What would be your actions to successfully implement Scrum methodology?

b) how does a perfect Sprint look for you?

c) What does a successful Scrum Master look like for you?

Stuff like that.

Now, last time my reply to (a) was 'Scrum is not a methodology. Scrum implements the scientific method of empiricism.'

Exactly as states

Scrum is simple.  It is the opposite of a big collection of interwoven mandatory components. Scrum is not a methodology. Scrum implements the scientific method of empiricism. 

Guess what. The interview failed 

Now, my question to you experienced Scrum Master is:

How do i handle such general questions like the above?

Is there such 'general' answer to them?

What are other questions you personally faced and gave you the job you are doing?

06:05 pm October 8, 2021

If you're interviewing with the C-Suite that's impressive. I'd turn the conversation to:

  • Why they think Scrum is a methodology, because that's very interesting
  • What the pain points are, and the different outcomes they seek
  • How we will work, the interviewer and I, together every day and ensure that the implementation of Scrum will be successful.

If I'm unsatisfied, I may offer to help gratis with any opportunities I do see, such as redefining the role to match expected outcomes. I'll offer to summarize key points and I'll be careful to respect the time-box of the interview. From that point on it's up to the other interviewer.

07:51 pm October 8, 2021

Hello Ian, thank you for the comments.

How can i understand "redefining the role.." ? You mean, to help the guys understand the role "as it should be"?

What could such key points be to summarize?