Which book is better as study material for the PSU exam?

Last post 06:28 am October 20, 2021
by Scott Anthony Keatinge
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08:54 am October 19, 2021

This question goes out to the 1600+ people who have passed the PSU exam. 

Which book did you use as part of your studies for the PSU exam? 

          Lean UX:  Designing Great Products with Agile Teams, 3rd Edition

          Lean UX:  Designing Great Products with Agile Teams, 2nd Edition

I believe that the PSU exam is written based on the 2nd edition. 

11:10 am October 19, 2021

I can't remember which one I read. I have a vague feeling I managed to get an old copy from somewhere. So it may even have been the 1st Edition.

I'm not sure what the differences are between the editions, but if the author has seen fit to go back and change a few things, and unless anyone specifically warns me against it, I'd choose the newest one.

Seeing as the authors collaborated on the PSU course, if anything, I expect the newer edition would describe the relevant concepts better. Also, regardless of the exam, it's probably better for your personal development, to receive the most up-to-date advice, as the expert authors have had time to inspect & adapt their work and the impact it has had.

06:28 am October 20, 2021

Thanks Simon.  I agree that the 3rd edition is probably the better choice.