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by Dominik Maximini
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01:46 pm August 24, 2012

I took the PSF class this week and I'm reviewing materials to prepare for the assessment. While reviewing the blogs on, I noticed that some concepts (although still being taught) have been removed from the official scrum guide. (IE...pigs vs.chickens, release planning & burndown) Is it a fair assumption that those will not be covered in the assessment?

02:50 am August 25, 2012

The assessments heavily, but not solely focus on the Scrumguide.
While the Scrumguide is the "rule book" for the game, you are not necessarily a good "player" just because you know them. It is also important to know how to apply those rules in practice. Don't worry too much about the assessment, focus on becoming a good Scrum practitioner. Then you of course have to know about best practices.

Some more information about assessment preparation can be found here: <a href="…">…;