The Fiendishly Difficult Daily Scrum Quiz

Last post 11:24 am October 28, 2021
by Derek Davidson
11:24 am October 28, 2021

Following the publication of the Scrum Guide 2020, I created a new Daily Scrum quiz. Some of the questions are really tough and if you're preparing for the PSM II assessment, you may find this quiz particularly valuable.

The quiz has now been taken over 900 times. The average score is just 67%. Can you do better?

If you really want to test your understanding of the Daily Scrum, give the quiz a try. You can review your questions afterwards and get feedback on the those you get wrong.

Or maybe you'd like your Scrum Team to get a better understanding of what the Daily Scrum is all about? Why not hold a team quiz session!

No login required. No account setup. Just simple, straight-forward access to my FREE Daily Scrum quiz.

Good luck!