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Step 5 of Becoming a PST

Last post 10:16 pm March 27, 2017 by Scrum Support
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07:46 am September 13, 2012

One of the 8 steps of becoming a Certified Scrum Trainer is to follow the PSM training given by Ken Schwaber. See here:

Now, seeing that Ken won’t be giving any PSM training until next year I was wondering if anybody knows if it would be possible to take the PSM training from a certified trainer?

Kind regards, CH

01:56 am September 15, 2012

Thank you for referencing the Trainer Selection page, Chee-Hong. will definitely continue to offer qualifying PSM courses for trainer candidates. This may be a specific train-the-trainer course or other courses identified by

People interested in teaching the PSM course and joining the Professional Scrum Trainer community are asked to start by taking PSM I and then to submit an application. Each application is carefully reviewed and then responded to with options for next steps. Anyone who is passionate about Scrum and has significant experience as a Scrum Master, coach, and trainer is encouraged to apply!

10:43 pm September 18, 2012

and how much is the yearly cost to be a trainer

04:45 pm September 20, 2012

Your last line states it is preferable to have experience training in Scrum to apply for PST. I want to clarify if its possible to conduct public workshops or seminars spreading my experience and knowledge about Scrum without being a certified PST?

01:32 pm September 21, 2012

Hi Aarti,

yes, you can do your own training programs. However, you are not allowed to teach the official trainings. Customers are raising their expectations on the training standards, which are met or exceeded by the official courses. Customers know that. From a marketing perspective, you are therefore far better off as PST.

What's keeping you from striving for becoming a PST?



06:47 pm September 21, 2012

Oh.. I definitely want to become a PST.. I was curious because it seemed like a prerequisite to have training/coaching experience to become a PST..
PST seems like a comeptitive and tough position to attain.. but I am ready for the challenge.. I was reading your blogs on the certifications a few days back.. very inspiring...
Can you provide some info on the fees for becoming a PST (after PSM II).. also if its one-time or yearly renewal fees?

Thanks a lot for the info!

03:12 pm September 23, 2012

Hi Aarti,

I am not aware of the exact numbers of the fees right now and didn't find them online. However, they consist of three parts:

1) You will have to pay an initial fee that also covers your first year as a trainer.
2) There is a yearly fee that also covers the attendance at as many face-to-face meetings with other PSTs as you can and want attend. Those are quite inspiring. This fee should be lower than 1).
3) For every participant in official courses you have to pay a license fee. So you have to calculate your course prices accordingly.

I became a PST because I perceived those as the best of the best. Accordingly, one has to live up to that standard. Experience is essential here, in my opinion. I recommend to gather several years of experience with Scrum before applying as PST. Training experience doesn't hurt either: Imagine you stand in front of a class for the first time, the students have highest expectations, and then you suddenly realize that this is not what you want. Neither your students, nor you would benefit from such a situation.



03:43 pm September 23, 2012

Thanks for the info!
" I recommend to gather several years of experience with Scrum before applying as PST." I'll keep that in mind... I don't intend to become a PST for another 2 years BUT can i submit the initial application soon after PSM1 with probably 1 year of experience and training in Scrum?
Also, if I get a score of 90% in PSM1.. can I rewrite the exam to get above 95% for becoming PST ? ( Basically, am i allowed to rewrite psm1 when I have passed? )
I am sure a lot of candidates would want to know exact fees structure from so that we can plan financially in a couple of years before we apply...

08:35 am September 25, 2012

Hi Aarti,

It is possible to retake the exam and aim for the >95%.

I agree with you on the fees section. It would be nice if it's published somewhere on the page.

Kind regards, Chee-Hong

11:21 am February 12, 2013

I took the PSM II exam last week and while I am still awaiting my results, I would HIGHLY recommend that anyone preparing for the exam watch the 2 ScrumBut videos linked from this page: Not only are they incredibly informative videos, they provide great context for the types of questions you may see on the exam.
-Jason Osborne

04:00 pm March 27, 2017

After 5 years, is there any reply to the request above by Chee-Hong?

Please can we see the annual license fees for PSTs, Student license fees, and any other monies that require to perform as PST?  

10:16 pm March 27, 2017

Hi Donald,

Thanks for your question. We're glad you're interested in joining our PST community. The total startup fees can be found here:

As per the other annual fees and student fees, we only release this information to PST candidates who have submitted an application on the above page.

Should you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to the Director of our PST Program here:

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