Retry PSD exam after passing first time?

Last post 05:08 am October 8, 2012
by Chris Schryvers
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03:49 pm September 24, 2012


I recently followed the PSD (not PSM) course, took the assessment afterwards and passed. For the PSD training, you get 2 free tries.

In order to be able to become a trainer however, one needs more than 95%. So my questions is, what happens when I use my password for a second time, in order to get more than 95%? If I get less than 90% on the second try (you never know :-)), will I lose my certificate?

Is it possible to do a third try after you first 2 tries? If yes, what will it cost?

Thanks in advance!


07:22 am October 1, 2012

AFAIK passwords are one-time only, so you will have to pay for a second attempt.


07:24 am October 1, 2012

Whoops didn't read correctly that you have two attempts, sorry (for PSM course you get only one try).


05:08 am October 8, 2012

A colleague tried it, and after passing the first time, he was able to do the exam a second time. He passed again, and all is well. :-)