PSM I certification

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by Stefan Reiner
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10:56 am September 29, 2012

Hi All ,

I want to prepare for PSM 1 certification , I am very new to scrum . I would like to study from my own and go for the exam . Could you please share me the documents and any exam guide if available ?


03:44 pm September 29, 2012

Hi Debajyoti,

You said you are very new to Scrum, are you in a Scrum team already?

03:03 am September 30, 2012

Hi Debajyoti,

You can find some information at…

However, a certificate does not make you a good Scrum Master (or anything else). I strongly recommend you to live Scrum instead of just studying it. I assure you that living it is far more satisfactory than a sheet of paper on the wall can ever be.


01:35 pm October 10, 2012

Read as many books on it as you can, but study, study, study the Scrum Guide and take the open assessment multiple times. Also you can take some prep tests on

10:00 am November 29, 2012

@Cathy: would you recommend testtaker?