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Last post 10:44 am October 3, 2012
by chris andrews
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04:28 am October 2, 2012

Having taken and passed the PSM I course and assessment, I was wondering if this would be enough to pass the PSPO assessment?

There is a specific course for this, but wondered if it was required to pass the PSPO assessment?

10:26 am October 3, 2012

Hi Andrec,

do you believe that Scrum Master and Product Owner need to know the same things? Are you working as a Product Owner?

Right now, the PSPO course is required in order to do the PSPO I assessment.


10:34 am October 3, 2012

No I know they are different, no I just want to increase my knowledge on the scrum roles.

Oh ok, I thought it was open just like the PSM I

10:39 am October 3, 2012

It's not open yet.

On… it reads "At present, the PSPO I assessment and certification is open only to those who have taken a Professional Scrum Product Owner course. Assessment is currently based on the body of knowledge contained in the courseware. Once the body of knowledge has been formalized as a Scrum Product Owner Guide, the assessment will be open to the public and anyone – including those who have not taken a Professional Scrum Product Owner course – will be able to assess themselves."

I guess this means we should stay tuned on changes to this assessment. In the meanwhile I suggest you work closely with POs or try to fill the role yourself to increase your knowledge.


10:44 am October 3, 2012

Yeah I just noticed that, ok thanks for the heads up.