Scrum in an SAP implementation

Last post 12:41 pm November 29, 2012
by venkatesh Dhagumudi
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10:06 am November 21, 2012

Any best practices out there on how to use Scrum in an SAP geenfield implementation?

01:26 pm November 22, 2012

Hi Louk,

It is hard to use Scrum in SAP implementation since the SAP Methodology is tightly coupled to the implementation process and it is very Waterfall. What you can do is to use Scrum on every phase and deliver incremental product which SAP Methodology ask for. On the first phase you might be only delivering data migration and documentation. You might not deliver a working software until the implementation phase but this is the best you can do.

10:35 am November 29, 2012

SAP itself uses scrum with agile engineering techniques like TDD even in big ABAP Products. Customers of SAP too.

12:41 pm November 29, 2012

SCRUM has been adopted by many organizations today to developing/implement complex software products. Although many can answer this question, personally i feel it is very effective because you can be creative with it.

As a scrum master your role is to foster the adoption of Scrum in your ogranisation. I would explore options of Component or feature based teams. Keep your team cross-functional and implement a process that will help for your team/organization.

My 2 cents.