In keeping with inspection, transparency and adaptation...

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by Mikkel Toudal Kristiansen
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12:47 pm December 9, 2012

Hey there,

I just passed the PSM I assessment (again), but I incorrectly answered several questions. Is there any chance that I could find out which, so that I can adapt?


Jack Cantwell

01:28 am December 10, 2012

Hi Jack,

normally you should see your right and wrong answers on the final page of the assessment (at least, if there were wrong answers). Unfortunately this information does not help you until the next time you take the assessment.

Best regards,


01:37 am December 10, 2012

Hm...I don't plan to take it again, since I passed. I definitely don't recall seeing the right/wrong answers. That occurred with the Open Assessment, but not in the official one. Would really like to know what I'm misunderstanding from's perspective.


02:12 am December 10, 2012

Maybe one of the officials will contact you and provide you with the information.
Good luck!


02:25 am December 10, 2012



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08:29 am December 13, 2012

Hi Jack,

I experienced the same as you did: No indication of what answers were right or wrong.

Kindest regards,