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by Karolis Noreika
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03:13 pm November 12, 2021

Hello Everyone,

 I have  recently earned my PSM 1 certification. I would like to know how can i gain scrum experience. Is there any type of of volunteer projects or internships i can apply from. I have 4 years of project/program management experience from the military, but no scrum experience.

02:14 pm February 4, 2022

Hi, Clyde, I hope my answer will still be of use to you.

I don't think there are volunteering for Scrum Master as this is rooted role in the organization (meaning you should be a part of the organization and not temporary) or you should be highly skilled to start solving issues from day 1.

Search for companies that work in Agile way - maybe even entry level positions - and this way gain experience and you can eventually become a Scrum Master if you want.

But to wrap up - do not stick to the position, but focus on the work Scrum Master does to gain experience. You don't need the title to gain experience.