Need Experience As A scrum Master.

Last post 07:00 pm February 4, 2022
by Karolis Noreika
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12:13 am November 15, 2021

Hello, I have been Scrum certified for a few years now  with 3 certificates and never worked as a Scrum Master. I have decided to switch Careers now to become a Scrum Master. I wish to know how I can gain experience, I am willing to volunteer. I understand experience matters more. Any advice or suggestions? 
thank you 

02:10 pm February 4, 2022

Hi Roland, I hope my answer will still be of use to you.

I suggest to not focus on a Scrum Master position. Try to suggest ideas of Scrum (inspection, adaptation, short release cycles) to your current or any other area/position where you feel confident right now.
Having experience in any area will help you to support starting Scrum or Agile ideas and help teams/organization improve.

I don't think there are volunteering for Scrum Master as this is rooted role in the organization (meaning you should be a part of the organization and not temporary) or you should be highly skilled to start solving issues from day 1.

Along the way you can find other than Scrum Master positions in companies that work in Agile way - maybe even entry level - and with some experience using previous suggestions you can eventually become a Scrum Master.

But to wrap up - do not stick to the position, but focus on the work Scrum Master does to gain experience. You don't need the title to gain experience.