Collective ownership vs Extreme Ownership

Last post 11:55 am November 17, 2021
by Ian Mitchell
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08:14 am November 16, 2021

Hi Folks,

What's the difference between Collective ownership vs Extreme Ownership?

Does both practices are applicable for scrum teams? When do you use and what?

Appreciates your input and thanks in advance!

06:22 pm November 16, 2021

In your view, do these help a Product Owner to meet their accountabilities?

02:01 am November 17, 2021

Hi Ian

I am thinking from the scrum team perspective

11:55 am November 17, 2021

I'd suggest that the functioning of a Scrum Team is contingent upon servant leadership. "Collective ownership" and "extreme ownership" may arguably riff on servant leadership in some way, but there is nothing collective or extreme about it. Servant leadership is demonstrated by the individual quietly and without recourse to heroics.