Product backlog for prototypes, no SW development

Last post 09:46 am January 7, 2013
by Mikkel Toudal Kristiansen
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06:26 pm January 4, 2013

Hi all,

Do you have practical example of how to generate the product backlog on product development (not software), as not sure how the stories should be generated.

thanks in advance :)

09:46 am January 7, 2013

I am not sure I fully understand your situation.
It sounds to me like you want to run Scrum on a innovation/concept project, that has nothing to do with software development.
If that is the case, I am not sure if Scrum is fully suited to your needs, but these would be my advices:

1. You need to know something about what the project needs to produce. If the expected outcome of the project is a design for a new system or tangible thing, then so be it.

2. Add product backlog items to the product backlog, that represents value to the product owner/customer. This could be along the lines of "Design a log-in mechanism for the system", "Design a My Profile page for the system", etc.

3. Make sure the team creates and refines a Definition of Done, so it is well understood what kind of output the team can be expected to deliver, both at the end of each sprint, but also at the end of the project.

Anyway, more details would be very welcome.

Kidnest regards, Mikkel