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by Michel Wicky
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11:23 am January 28, 2013

I was going through scrum guide and in scrum master services to product owner it is written that
1 clearly communicating vision , goals, and product backlog items to development : my question is how this will arrive product owner?

2· Teaching scrum team to create product backlog items . My question is , how can scrum master involved in creating and maintaining product backlog items?

02:22 pm January 31, 2013

Hello ya_dinesh,

Here are my thoughts on your two questions, from my reading and experience:

1. "Clearly communicating vision, goals, and Product Backlog items to the Development Team." The Product Owner is often a non-technical person, sometimes without even a background in project management. That's fine - his or her roles is to define what needs to be done and to determine what business value each item will generate. However, this means that sometimes the Product will need some help communicating what needs to be done to the Development Team, in a such a way that the Team can understand it and create an estimate for how long it will take. The Scrum Master therefore helps the Product Owner communicate his or her needs to the Development Team.

2. "Teaching the Scrum Team to create clear and concise Product Backlog items." This is related to the first item above. The Product Owner and even the Development Team might struggle to articulate the functionality represented by the Product Backlog item in a way that is clear and concise. Therefore, the Scrum Master can help the Team to write the Product Backlog items.



04:16 am February 1, 2013

Thanks Tom,

Your thought is right , my learning from this reply is the point i was missing in mind that Product Owner may be a non technical person.

08:22 am February 3, 2013

Is it necessary that a scrum must be a technical person?

07:57 am February 4, 2013

Hello ya_dinesh,

a scrum what ?

a Scrum Master
a Scrum Product Owner
a member of the Scrum Development Team

Only the members of the Scrum Development Team have to realize the product.
The Scrum Master is responsible to manage the Scrum Process.
Because the Scrum Master is also responsible to release impediments and to optimize effeciency, it's fine (but not necessary) that he has sufficient technical knowledge to understand and communicate within the team and outside the team.

My two cents