which assessment to be taken?

Last post 10:46 am January 29, 2013
by Charles Bradley
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04:32 am January 29, 2013

If I am assessing my confidence based on scores from the "Scrum Open" open assessment, which of the following certification would best suit:

Professional Scrum Master assessment OR
Professional Scrum Developer assessment OR
Professional Scrum Product Owner assessment?

06:28 am January 29, 2013

sorry, I explored the Scrum.org and got the answer to my question ;)

10:46 am January 29, 2013

Just to give an answer for any future readers, the Scrum Open exam is most similar to the PSM I. The PSD exam has both technical and Scrum questions on it, so when going for the PSD I exam, you should prepare with both the Scrum Open and PSD Open tests.