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Last post 12:13 pm November 20, 2021
by Mario De Caerlé
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05:38 am November 19, 2021



After my scrum certification, I had a chance to be selected as the team lead of a small project in my company. The goals is to made a choice on the new SAP the company will use. We are a team of 6 persons with cross skills. 

But I don't know how to handle that. The most example that I saw was how to do that for IT project. But in this case, we don't even have to write a line of code, even if IT skills are required. What is the possible deliverable for this project ? Any advices on how to handle the teams ?



04:48 am November 20, 2021

Use your favourite search engine to find results on product comparison matrix.  :-)

12:13 pm November 20, 2021

You don't need software as product. There is a Scrum Team developing yoghurt. Their deliverables are yoghurt, a marketing plan, branding, market studies, ...

So, look at what your Product Backlog Items are, and see how your customer/user uses them. Then you'll know what the "deliverable product" is.

In this case, I imagine it's "screens", "pages" or "forms". And while those can maybe not be packaged in a zip file or checked in into source control, you will "hand them over" at a certain time. And not all PBI's need to be the same type.