and ScrumAlliance - working together?

Last post 08:07 pm February 7, 2013
by Ian Mitchell
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04:23 pm February 5, 2013

Hi all,

I have recently completed the PSD I course here at and was very pleased with its contents and goals. In addition to this I have achieved the CSM with the ScrumAlliance. With over three years solid Scrum experience I would like to move further. However, I have run into a slight problem at the onset of this journey: both of these Scrum organisations do not seem to takethe other's qualifications into account when applying for further education where experience and merits are required.

Seems a pity that I cannot progress unless I choose either or ScrumAlliance.

Is there any official line on this?

Thoughts anyone?

08:07 pm February 7, 2013

Hi Graham

I'm not sure if this counts as an "official line", but there is a short YouTube video of Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland which touches on this matter:

If we consider past experience (and in agile practice we usually do), we should expect that there'll be new organisations and certifications in the future. An agile practitioner should have a broad understanding of agile methods and their evolution, including XP, DSDM, Lean, Kanban, and TDD as well as Scrum. Don't be tempted into making a narrow choice. The present differences between and the Scrum Alliance are a mere bagatelle in the scheme of things.