New Scrum Master challenges

Last post 02:37 am February 21, 2013
by Sanjay Saini
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12:14 pm February 11, 2013

Hello everyone,

I would like you to share, if you will, your anecdotes on some of your challenges as a scrum master, and how you were able to endure and overcome them.

Thank you.

03:19 pm February 13, 2013

Have you worked as a Scrum Master yourself? If so, why not post one or two of your own stories first, then we'll see if anyone can top them.

03:28 pm February 13, 2013

Unfortunately, I'm too much of a novice to have any valuable anecdotes to contribute. My apologies.

02:37 am February 21, 2013

Have you worked as a project manager? If Yes don't get too fast moving from PM to SM, it won't be possible, give yourself some time. Go through the Scrum guide multiple times and coach team on Scrum.