Vision Statement and Mission Statement product and and delivery..

Last post 09:45 pm November 24, 2021
by Dhil Hussain
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03:34 pm November 24, 2021

As head of software delivery function, should I look to set a vision that states...

"We endeavour to deliver the product vision, sustainability, transparently, timely, efficiently following agile principles.'

Or should it be more specific...

"We endeavour to deliver feature A,B, C by the end of the year.

(I'm looking to validate my own opinion or be corrected here)


07:31 pm November 24, 2021

Forget endeavour. Set a vision for agile change which will anchor everyone's working day, then communicate and reinforce a sense of urgency for it.

09:38 pm November 24, 2021

My gut tells me you are right and that's what we need to do. I've got to navigate the politics.