Change the "scopo" of a backlog's item.

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by Susanta Kar
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12:36 pm March 10, 2013

Hello to everyone over there,

what does it mean to change the "scopo" of a backlog's item?
I can't understand the meaning of the technical term "scopo" that it sounds in this context different from the Italian meaning "obiettivo".
I'm reading an article about how a P.O. can influence stories to put into a backlog sprint. He had a story 'A' very big and after the scrum team says that it's to stuff for the next sprint, the P.O. has changed its scope the story becomes very little. Why? Could you make this clear to me by an example?

Thank you very much in advance for you help.

06:26 am March 11, 2013

Suppose a Product Owner has a story on the Product Backlog that he wants doing in the next Sprint. It is a big requirement for a complex report generator. In the Sprint Planning session, the team estimate the requirement (perhaps by using Planning Poker) and ask the PO questions.

At the end of the Planning Session, the PO has negotiated a much smaller story with them. Instead of a full report generator, all the team have to commit to is a highlight report generator.

What has happened is the team and the PO have explored the requirements and separated out the must-haves, should-haves, and could-haves. They have identified the Minimum Usable Subset (or Minimum Viable Product) which creates value, and agreed to deliver that by the end of the sprint. So the big requirement that was "in scope" for the sprint became smaller.

"Scopo" isn't an English word, which is a shame because it sounds cool.

07:56 pm March 11, 2013

Hi Ian,
you are right the word is SCOPE, one of the possible translations into Italian is SCOPO = GOAL . So this thing makes me crazy because I'm not able to give the right meaning into Italian.
I was reading this article where I found this word.
when he says : ' As with an increase in scope, a decrease in scope comes off the bottom.'
So what is the meaning of scope?
I can't think of another synonymous that could let me to translate the word SCOPE (in this context) into italian.
Please, could you help me? Thanks in advance.

01:06 am March 12, 2013

Hello -

I went thru the release turndown chart explanation. In this example, PO has added 40 story points during the project in sprint 4, hence its showing below 0 scale. However, in sprint 6, PO cut/removed story points and hence gone up towards 0 from -40. Scope is meaningful to the over all release/project - across the sprint its changing as when it was added it has different object give but as time passed by during/before sprint 6, story points were removed.

Hope this helps.