PSM Assessment Improvement (5 suggestions)

Last post 04:03 pm March 22, 2013
by Charles Bradley
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11:20 am March 18, 2013

Hi everyone,

So far I took quite a few online examinations (Cisco, Juniper, Exin - ITIL) and, as a fan of Scrum, I would like to see the PSM examination improve. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Increase the time allocated to answer the questions. Having to answer 80 questions within 60 minutes (less than 1 minute per question) does not encourage proper thinking but rather picking an answer and moving on.

2. Post the number of correct answer for each question that requires more than one and ensure that the online assessment tool enforces that (e.g. "Chose X" shown at the end of each multiple choice question).

3. Exam booking automation. At the moment the exam can be booked but there is no automated system to generate and email the exam access password.

4. Exam review feedback. It would really help if the PSM exam would include feedback beyond the score, percentage and the date by having additional info present on that screen such as the exam areas and percentage of accuracy this way candidates will know where they have to improve.

5. Make sure that all the questions have an answer based on the Scrum Guide so, where needed, update the guide. Not having access to a complete documentation doesn't do justice to the professionalism put forth by Scrum and Agile. This way all candidates will be able to find answers in the official documentation.

Best regards and keep up the great job of supporting Scrum.

11:24 am March 18, 2013

4. Addition:it would be great if the candidate can receive an automated email with the exam feedback along with information such as when a diploma would be available or when an online database with his information is updated.

12:29 pm March 20, 2013

+1 Vlad. We are trying to make a lot of these things happen soon. Thanks for all this feedback.

12:55 pm March 22, 2013

Hi, I want to add a suggestion. Reviewing questions would be a lot easier it the previously answered questions list includes the question number besides each question.

I wrote down the number of each question I wanted to review, but finding them afterwards was just trial and error. With time running out, it's better to find questions easily.


04:03 pm March 22, 2013

++++! to Francis' suggestion immediately above. I had the exact same experience on the PSD I exam. I had to hunt to find the questions I wanted to re-review.