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by Alice Menezes
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11:12 am April 2, 2013


I recently passed the certification for the PSM I. I'm currently looking for a job and was a business analyst in my previous role.I see most of the job openings ask for scrum knowledge and experience.What would be the next step for me to build on PSM I knowledge?

vandana koul.

12:23 pm April 2, 2013

Probably to continue as a BA, but on an Agile project. A true Scrum project won't have a separate BA role but a more general Agile project could allow progression to something like a Scrum Master position. I once appointed a BA as a Scrum Master because she was the person who, in the field, actually did most to facilitate things and remove team impediments.

Occasionally there are job openings for so-called Scrum Master positions where you also have to be a BA. In my experience, most of these are for new projects where the hiring of a BA has been overlooked, Product Ownership is unidentified or weak, and an Agile PM of some sort is expected to get things going, such as by creating a candidate Product Backlog.

09:01 am April 18, 2013

Yes.....he's right. A business analyst's post is good but move on to <a href= "http://www.agiledistributed.com/">agile methodology</a>. The transition maybe difficult, but its worth it.

05:12 am April 25, 2013

Hello Vandana,

I'm soon planning to prepare PSM - One exam and could you please share what materials which you had used to pass the exam ?

Thanks in Advance

08:46 am April 29, 2013

Web gate international provides some good material for PSM