dev team member needs to be removed

Last post 09:15 am May 10, 2013
by Chee-Hong Hsia
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11:04 pm April 27, 2013

I have a dev team member that is causing problems with the rest of the team and needs to be removed. should I as the scrum master who is a management position for removing impediments remove the individual? or should the dev team who is self managing remove the individual?

12:05 am April 28, 2013

I would imagine the Scrum Master (SM) to be a Servant Leader, having no authority over the Dev Team.

Is the SM managing people or something else?

Perhaps not the answer you were looking for and one can define "management" in differing ways.

Let's also hear from others...

03:16 am April 28, 2013

It is becoming less common these days for Scrum Masters to be line managers with hiring & firing authority. I think that's a good thing because it avoids conflicts of interest like this.

I recently read Esther Derby using an expression like "coaching someone off the team". Since a Scrum Master is a team coach, that might be one way forward, though I admit it sounds a bit cynical.

10:40 am April 29, 2013

Upon reaching the conclusion that the team member must go, I believe the Scrum Master should not be left to face this alone. It seems the proper place for Scrum Master, as servant/master, to discuss with the Product Owner and Development Team (away from the individual) the issues that are becoming problems and also discuss with the individual (away from the team) what's going well, what needs to be improved, and how to approach that improvement. The Scrum Master may also assist in fostering that improvement, through moderating discussions between the member and the team.
As the conclusion emerges, the Scrum Master would then discuss the situation with his/her own supervisor, as the reasons for removal may involve the team member's job performance. The actual removal should be handled by those with authority over the team member's job and task assignments.

09:15 am May 10, 2013

I agree with John and to add up on his argument:
When a Scrum Master takes on the responsibility and remove the member from the team it will somehow affect the team dynamic. Let’s say if this kind of problem occurs again, the team will automatically look at the Scrum Master for guidance. In this case I believe the Scrum Master should act as a mediator between the team members and/or supervisors.