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by Olivier Ledru
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05:36 am May 13, 2013

I see a lot of questions from people having trouble with the PSM exam questions - and them wondering if it is the fact that they are not native English speakers... I *am* an English speaker, but I am having a problem understanding the English in this question...##what does it mean?

"Advantages of stating requirements as failing acceptance tests include (choose all that apply):"

or more to my point... what does it attempt to mean

PS - it is one of the OPEN assesment questions so there should be no problem with me repeating it here

12:27 pm October 30, 2014

I believe it is asking for advantages of stating negative acceptance criteria.

Here is what I am thinking as an example

As someone trying to book my flight, I want to be able to pick my departure & return dates, so that I can book flights on the days I would like

Negative Acceptance Criteria: If you do not enter a return date, prompt them to enter one with an error message

04:43 pm October 30, 2014

I can't be certain without seeing the list of options, but I suspect this question may be asking:

"What are the advantages of stating requirements as acceptance tests that initially fail"

In other words it may be querying the advantages of a test-first approach to development using the red-green-refactor principle.

05:58 am October 31, 2014

As a "non-native" and "non-fluent" in English, my understanding is the same as Ian : "Advantages of ATDD ?"

It is true that this kind of sentence is not very easy to understand.
All the negative questions are also more tricky for non-native English.