Dishearten.. Failed 2nd attempt

Last post 03:50 pm December 31, 2021
by Bharti Kumar
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11:42 am December 10, 2021

I could not clear PSM-I. This was 2nd attempt; first was in 2019. I read Scrum Guide multiple and attempted Open Assessment along with preparation questions on I managed to scored 95% above yet manage only to get 80% during real exam :-)

I am not sure if I would consider another attempt. 

06:03 pm December 17, 2021

Just reading the scrum guide is not enough.  have you gone through the SM learning path yet?

11:31 am December 23, 2021

Completely agree with you in this case.

06:15 am December 27, 2021

I recently passed the exam in the first attempt.

My observation is that the key to pass the exam is - thorough understanding of Scrum Guide (line by line). One need to chew the book. Plus take the free assessment available on Scrum.Org and mlapshin. From the free assessment, carefully observe what went wrong with incorrect answers and absorb the knowledge from there.

Wish you Good Luck !!

12:35 pm December 28, 2021


I recently passed the PSM1 assessment. For preparation, I also did the Scrum Quizzes at:
And I felt as if a lot of similar questions for PSM1 were in here. 

I also did the Open Assessments multiple times and read the materials mentioned in the email, that we get when we get the code for the assessment.

The questions in mlapshin were also very helpful.

After doing the Open assessments and quizzes I had a repository of a lot of questions with which I actually prepared the last few days before taking the real assessment.

(I also attempted the PSPO1 assessment and passed it, but I felt this one had a lot tougher questions than PSM1).