The Nature of Scrum

Last post 12:46 pm May 31, 2013
by Dominik Maximini
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01:08 pm May 30, 2013

Have you ever asked yourself the question: "What exactly does the nature of Scrum look like?"
After all, you often run into organizational and cultural issues or have to set up a change program when you try to implement Scrum. Nobody has analyzed that in a scientific way so far.

If you want to find out, I recommend you take those surveys:

Your immediate benefit will be that your thinking about the topic will be stimulated and you might be able to better understand what's happening around you. Your not-so-immediate benefit will be that you receive the results as soon as they are available, if you enter your email address in the surveys.

The surveys only take around 30 minutes to complete. Time spent well considering the benefits you can bring to the whole community.

The survey will only be available for a limited amount of time. Don't miss your opportunity.

Thank you for your thoughts!


08:19 am May 31, 2013

Hi Dominik,

Nice surveys indeed! I'll share the link to my colleagues and am looking forward to the results.
All the best for your ongoing research! :)

12:46 pm May 31, 2013

Hi Romain,

thank you for your participation and your feedback. You should most certainly distribute the URL to all Scrum addicts you know :-)