If one were to ask you about software development as a profession, how would you respond?

Last post 01:18 pm June 14, 2013
by Nitin Khanna
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03:43 pm June 8, 2013

While I am aware of a blog posting by Ken Schwaber, I would like to see how the community would respond...

04:37 pm June 9, 2013

Well, I'd say that Ken makes an interesting point. He says that in the UK accountants only need to be professionally accredited if they intend to work in auditing or insolvency:


Personally I'd go a step further. I'd observe that there is a strong correlation between professionalism in our industry and the management of technical debt, for which transparency and metrics are key. On the other hand, a lack of professionalism can be expected to result in opaque levels of technical debt that resist auditing.

My conclusion: Professionalism in our field, in so far as it can be said to exist at all, is *also* largely about the avoidance of insolvency and the transparent and sustainable management of debt.

01:18 pm June 14, 2013

Thanks for your insights, Ian.