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How I passed the PSU exam

Last post 05:12 pm December 22, 2021 by rick midlton
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04:36 am December 17, 2021

Hello all, I would just like to say that I successfully passed the PSU exam last night, and would like to share with you the process I took. 

  • Firstly, I read the "Lean UX 3rd Edition" book, as the course and exam were created with the help from the authors. 
  • I then read the following suggested reading material plus articles that were referenced within them, as well as some posts on this forum and additional blogs: 



01_Lean UX Canvas V2.docx

02_5 Rules for Integrating UX with Agile and Scrum.docx

03_Here is how UX Design Integrates with Agile and Scrum.docx

04-1_Agile Won't Get You to Done Here Are Four Ways to Fix That.docx

04_Here's what to do when user research doesn't fit in a sprint.docx

05_Scrum and Hypothesis Driven Development.docx

06-1_Using Proto-Personas for Executive Alignment.docx


06_UX Creating Proto-Personas.docx

07-1_Transforming Listening Into Action Fortifying Voice of Customer Programs .docx

07-2_Customer Journey Mapping Navigating a Course to Better Customer Relations .docx

07-3_Pinpointing the Magic CX Metric That Drives Growth.docx

07_The Secret to Actionable VoC and Customer Journey Mapping Programs .docx


08_Adapting Usability Investigations for Agile User-Centered Design.docx

09-1_Fast Path to a Great UX - Increased Exposure Hours .docx

09-2_Anatomy of an Iteration.docx

09-3_Proactive UX Design A Big Leap Requiring Baby Steps.docx

09_Driving Product Teams to Become More Design Mature .docx

10_The Truth Curve.docx

11_Emergent Principles A Rebel Leader's Secret to Better Team Design Decisions .docx

12-1_Dual-track SprintIteration Planning Recipe.docx

12-2_Dual-track Daily Standup.docx

12-3_Dual-track Team Review and Retrospective.docx

12-4_Dual-track Stakeholder Review.docx

12_Dual Track Development is not Duel Track.docx

13-2_Style Tiles.docx

13_UX design is team work.docx

Break Down Silos! Enhance User-Centricity with UX.docx

Defining value the most ambiguous word in product development.docx




UX designers and Scum ceremonies.docx

UX Responsibilities in Scrum Ceremonies.docx


  • Lastly, I read the "Lean UX 3rd Edition" book again. 


Personally i thought this exam was quite easy, even though it still had some tricky questions due to wording; however, this perception is most likely due to this being my 10th exam (I started my certification track this January with the PSM I).  60 minutes is plenty of time if you have prepared well, so remain calm, and scrum on.  :-)

01:49 pm December 21, 2021

Hi Scott,

Thanks a lot for sharing your experience.

I'm now studying for PSU I and any bit of help is always appreciated it.

How is it possible to access those *.docx, *.pdf and *.png documents/resources?

Sorry if I'm missing something obvious.




05:08 pm December 21, 2021

Hi Marcos,

Those files are just my hard copies of web pages related to this sites suggested reading for the PSU, as I still like to do most of my reading from paper.  :-)

If you like, I can upload them to whatever online storage you have as the total size will be too large for email (~28MB).

05:18 pm December 21, 2021

Hi again Scott,

I see it.

It's okay, I've check out those web pages, they are reachable so it's fine this way.

Thanks so much for your help!

01:01 pm December 22, 2021

Thanks so much for help with this!

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